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REFLECTIONS [on monsters]

30.05 > 01.06.2024
Espace Magh, Brussels [BE]



  • Reflections [on monsters]

    The monster facing the plural reflections of society.

  • Making Men

    A dance film / a dance performance/ a debate
    This project is a winner of the Africalia ECMS Call for Proposals 2018

  • Femmes, tout simplement

    Initially created by the Ivorian singer and dancer Dobet Gnahoré, this piece came out of the desire to put women centre stage, and is currently being developed in collaboration with Dunia Dance Theatre.

  • Shadows/Push Pull

    A ditpych on the theme of immigration. The first piece delves into the reasons why young Africans elect increasingly to emigrate while the second considers the strain and tension between an individual who emigrates and the culture he encounters.

  • Baobab Shadows

    An African storyteller, beneath a tree tells stories of love and loss. The work uses a wide range of elements: painting done in real time is projected onto a screen and interacts with the singing, dancing, drumming storyteller, dancers, circus artists suspended on a 5 metre long cord, bringing shadows to life.

  • Between the Lines

    Between The Lines explores Ben Okri’s Astonishing The Gods and his meditation on the nature of invisibility. It involves live on-stage painting, roller-skating, a cube cage of strings on wheels that allow the dancers to express the contours and dynamics of invisibility.



Dunia Dance Theatre is committed to a creative process that merges an African-inspired aesthetic with contemporary dance theatre. The choreography is the result of an exploration of the meeting between western and African cultures, theatre, painting and other artistic disciplines.

Created by the Sierra Leonean Choreographer Harold George, Dunia Dance Theatre is based in Brussels, Belgium since 2001 and presents work in which story telling and elements of African mythology merge with modern and African dance techniques to create a contemporary dance experience. Harold George works with the plastic arts (painting, sculpture...) and other new media like video, and constantly pushes the limits between artistic disciplines. The result speaks to the emotions through an aesthetic emerging from a diaspora experience.

"George is one of those rare artists who successfully combines, beauty, power, technique and expressiveness(…). Harold George can conjure up a wonderful performance with a small group of dancers."
Luisa Moffet, The Bulletin, Brussels

"At a time when the coexistence between communities and cultures in the city of Brussels raises increasing questions, the artistic fusion of choreographer Harold George's work gives us food for thought. This cross-cultural dimension, already manifest in his prior work, offers enlightening prospects for our near future."
Manuel Dias, Fréquence Vénerie

"Where The Accused took things further than Naimbana’s previous show, The Man Who Committed Thought, a remarkable solo piece, was that it involved three very expressive dancers. They added an important symbolic layering to the various monologues. Gestures and words combined to create emotional resonances that each element on its own would have found difficult to achieve."
Pervaiz Khan

“Harold George of Sierra Leone captivated with Emotions of Africa... a marvelous figure in his own work, richly evocative of Africa.”
Ann Holmes (Houston Chronicle)

“Yoko was applauded by the Belgian public... a ballet where genres have no boundaries, dance merges with other arts, (theatre, circus...) Yoko is a reflection of Africa where the borders between poetry, music and storytelling are elastic. The modern political history of Africa is told through dance, music, poetry and song."
Karine Ancellin Saleck, Le Nouvel Afrique Asie

"A bewitching mix of ancient and modern."
Luisa Moffet, The Bulletin

"Emotions of Africa,…for many in the audience…was the highlight of the evening. Performers…entered the stage to dance and sing, accompanied by the strains of live African drumming…This lively work showed off the immense talents of the 3 dancers, their bodies convulsing to the beat and at times creating music by dancing and leaping while hold authentic African percussion objects."
Philip Maynard, Public News Magazine, Houston 1997

"Choreographer Harold George of Sierra Leone captivated with Emotions of Africa…George was a marvellous figure in his own work, richly evocative of Africa"
Anne Homes, Houston Chronicle, 1997

"…the sensual and kinetically exciting mythic tale, Mammy Wata, danced with amazing physical grace and power…"
Artlies Magazine, 1998

“George marries the choreographic techniques of his homeland and the West. This results in convulsive breathless spectacles.”
The Bulletin, Hot Tickets 2003



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Shadows / Push Pull

October & November 2014

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